Campaign Toolkit

All the tools you will need to run a successful campaign.

If you cannot find the resources you need, be sure to reach out to your United Way representative or your Loaned Executive.

They are happy to help in any way they can.

Get Started


Read our checklist for running a workplace giving campaign. Your United Way Relationship Manager is ready to assist you at any time!


Use these ideas to create your timeline and kick off your United Way campaign.

Plan out your campaign with our sample timelines. PDF includes:

  • Sample 1 Week Timeline
  • Sample 2 Week Timeline

Communication Tools + Materials

Message Toolkit

Communication samples for your workplace campaign.

Inside you will find sample communications to share in support of your United Way workplace campaign. Please feel free to modify these communications to fit your team and company culture. Should you have any questions before, during, or after your campaign, do not hesitate to get in touch with your United Way Relationship Manager or Loaned Executive. 


Download high resolution logos to use during your workplace campaign.


United imagery for use during your workplace campaign.

Run A Campaign

Engagement Ideas

Find creative engagement ideas for your next fundraising event.

Let’s get UNITED for Southern Maine! In this Engagement Idea Guide, find an assortment of activities and resources to help you and your team raise awareness, funds, and spirits in support of your United Way workplace campaign.

Whether you’re planning to gather in-person, virtually, or a little bit of both, this guide offers you a collection of options that we have tried, ideas that have been shared, and some helpful how-tos.

See Your Impact

Investment Portfolio

See the specific programs and innovative initiatives supported by your contribution.

With your ongoing support, we can deliver on FY23 community investment commitments to local programs and initiatives that best align with our community’s vision, Thrive2027, and have the highest performance outcomes to propel us to these shared goals.