United Way + Community

We come together to help children, individuals, and families in ways that create a brighter future for all.

Since 1929, United Way of Southern Maine has been a powerful local force for good and a critical part of the fabric of our community.

As our needs changed over time, we adapted our strategies and support. 

What hasn’t changed? We bring together the people, ideas, and resources to tackle the root causes of issues like food insecurity, housing instability, literacy gaps, and access to healthcare.

We Mobilize

Our Values

Community Centered.
  • Engaged: identify needs and prioritize best interest of communities
  • Inclusive: comprehensive and embracing of others
  • Aware: considerate of diverse circumstances within communities
Results Focused.
  • Strategic: forward-thinking, purposeful, and informed
  • Action-oriented: translate strategy into achievable outcomes
  • Accountable: responsible for processes and outcomes
Intentionally Collaborative.
  • Respectful: honoring and engaging different perspectives
  • United: shared ownership
  • Connected: aligning voices and activities
Committed to Excellence.
  • Intentional: deliberate and driven by mission and data
  • Efficient: organized, logical, productive, and cost-effective
  • Effective: prepared, delivering quality work, and continuously improving
Leading with Integrity.
  • Fair: equitable, just, inclusive, and trustworthy
  • Realistic: reasonable, practical, and acknowledging our limitations
  • Transparent: open, candid, and honest
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We value and are committed to the richness of diversity in all aspects of our organization, our partners, and those we serve.