Impact Stories

The local faces impacted by your United Way donation.

United for Child Care

Like many families, Molly and Sam started their search for child care before their daughter was born. After two years of waiting, Sam decided to stay home as Violet’s primary caregiver while Molly continued to work full-time. However, sudden health complications meant Sam could no longer fill that role. They needed to find a spot for Violet—fast.

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United for Mental Health

We’ve all been through it: being a teenager is tough. But teenagers today are navigating an increasingly challenging world, due to the influences of social media, access to substances, and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Eliane’s Story: Mental Health Support in Schools

At the onset of the pandemic, Eliane, a former student at Portland High School, struggled with her anxiety and fell behind in school. Greater Portland Health’s (GPH) School-Based Health Center team worked collaboratively to help Eliane and establish behavioral health services.

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