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In order for a community to thrive, we need to understand the complex issues that face our communities, our state, and our nation, and coming together to solve them. It’s not about politics, it’s about advocating for policies that help ensure children succeed in school, individuals live healthy lives, and everyone has the opportunity to achieve financial well-being.

Join United Way of Southern Maine as we work for the common good by advocating positive change to improve the education, financial stability, and health of all members of our community. There are overarching local, state, and federal policies that impact the day-to-day operations of the agencies that provide vital services to our citizens.


$4 million a year in State funding was secured through successful statewide advocacy with key partners to expand pre-Kindergarten.

Legislative Update Newsletter

United Way of Southern Maine is producing a bi-weekly newsletter on important legislative issues in Maine. Click here to read current and past editions of the United Way of Southern Maine Legislative Update.

To get the Legislative Update delivered to your inbox every other week, visit https://p2a.co/tjKEBsH or text UWSM to 52886 and follow the prompts.

Policy Priorities and Legislative Report Card

There are many issues that affect our communities, such as housing, homelessness, child care, and access to health care. Read United Way of Southern Maine’s Policy and Advocacy Priorities for 2023.

See what United Way and our community of advocates accomplished last year in our 2022 Legislative Report Card.

Let your voice be heard:

  • Contact elected officials to tell them how you feel about upcoming bills or policies.
  • Write a letter to the editor on an issue affecting your community that you feel passionately about. United Way needs people who are passionate about early learning, financial stability, and health to make some noise.

How You Can Advocate for Specific, Current Policies

  • SNAP provides food benefits to a monthly average of over 189,000 people in Maine. Show your support by sharing your SNAP Story today.
  • Have you ever received EITC? Share your story and let us know how EITC has impacted your life, or how you plan to use it.

How United Way of Southern Maine Advocates

United Way of Southern Maine considers itself a partner with the State of Maine in delivering quality health and human services. This partnership serves thousands of Maine citizens. During the legislative session, we testify and send letters to members of the legislature on issues that will improve the lives of Maine citizens. Whenever we can, United Way of Southern Maine works with other United Ways around the state to increase the strength of our message.

United Way of Southern Maine testifies and submits letters on issues that support a thriving community, including the importance of early learning, financial stability, and healthy lives.

2023 Testimonies

On federal policy issues, United Way of Southern Maine follows the lead and recommendations of United Way Worldwide. When a federal issue impacts Southern Maine, we ensure our federal delegation is aware of the issue and work with them to find an appropriate method of advocacy. We also engage our representatives locally with initiatives in the community whenever possible.