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Dan Coyne

What is your role at UWSM? Dan oversees community impact efforts tied to United Way’s goals around education, financial stability, and health – the building blocks of a good life. He aligns funding, volunteerism, public policy, advocacy, and other strategies to ensure the impact is made at the population level throughout the community. A principal architect of Thrive2027, he provides strategic leadership to the Thrive2027 Council, a group that includes executives, administrators, and public officials from throughout the community who provides overall guidance and oversight of efforts to ensure the success of three bold community goals.

What’s your favorite work moment so far? There are so many, but being part of the community-wide process resulted in Thrive2027. In particular, seeing and hearing 2,200 people in Southern Maine articulate a compelling vision for a stronger community and then many working to make positive change inspires me every day.

How do you take your coffee or tea? Like a milkshake: with cream and a natural sweetener

What’s your favorite book? “Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson III”

What’s on your bucket list? Traveling to all seven continents and running the Antarctica marathon