Financial Stability & Mobility

When people earn enough income to pay for basic needs, build savings and gain assets, our whole community benefits.

The financial stability of every individual and family from Southern Maine is essential to the vibrancy and equity of our community. That’s why United Way mobilizes nonprofits, government, businesses, and funders to support education, employment opportunities, and assets that help more people achieve financial stability and mobility so they can thrive in their daily lives, reach their goals, and recover from a crisis quickly.

What We Are Facing

Rely on SNAP
in Southern Maine
Calls to 200 Maine
for fuel assistance in 2022
Households paying 30%+
of their income on housing
More to house someone in the city shelter without services than to provide stable housing in a one-bedroom apartment with services

What UWSM is doing

households received emergency heating assistance through the Keep ME Warm Fund
federal funds secured to provide food and shelter to migrants living in temporary housing
$ M
Individuals increased their wages & access to benefits through UW-funded programs
Invested in programs that help people secure permanent housing
$ 100000
Funded Partners
From helping youth develop healthy coping skills and graduate from high school or complete a high school credential to workforce development, job training, and financial assistance, we work with community partners to improve financial health, stability, and mobility for individuals and families across Southern Maine.
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Community Initiatives + Partnerships
United Way provides funding and support for various programs such as the Greater Portland Workforce Initiative, which includes Bridge to CNA, ELL Childhood Development Associate Certification, and Re-Entry Programs. They also offer the Child Care Incubator program to support family child care entrepreneurs in Greater Portland.
United Way Programming
UWSM provides funding and staff support for programs including CA$H Greater Portland (Creating Assets Savings and Hope). CA$H offers connections with local partners providing financial counseling and coaching, access to affordable loans, matched savings programs for asset building, income supports and free income tax filing through United Way’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.
Basic Needs + Emergency Response
United Way provides funding and staff support to 211 Maine, Keep ME Warm emergency heating fund, Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP), and two Homeless Response Service Hubs to ensure individuals and families have resources they need like healthy food, housing, and heat.
We advocate for systems and programs that strengthen the financial safety net for critical needs programs, provide housing that is safe and affordable, and support education and employment opportunities to build financial stability.
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Join the Financial Stability Effort

Your contribution to United Way is an investment in empowering people on their journey to economic mobility and building equitable, thriving communities.

Lives Your Donation Impacts

Housed at United Way of Southern Maine, Greater Portland Workforce Initiative’s (GPWI) goal is to help individuals in Greater Portland prepare and connect to growing sectors of employment with family-sustaining wages.

For Mangasa and Kawaya, Greater Portland Workforce Initiative provided opportunity, a career pathway, and financial stability while addressing the growing workforce shortage across Southern Maine.

Volunteer Leadership

UWSM’s Financial Stability and Mobility work is driven by a dedicated and diverse team of volunteers that represent community voices across Southern Maine.