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“Good (Morning, Afternoon, Evening), 

This is [__________] for Project Heat.  How may I help you?”  

“Would you like to use a credit card to make your donation?”   

Open your browser to igfn.us/form/xownow and complete the transaction. Donors may also choose to enter the information themselves on the secure site: keepmewarm.org 

  • While nothing is required, if the caller would like a confirmation email or letter you will need to enter their contact information. Please try to get either a phone number or email for every donor, so we have a way to follow up with them. This is helpful should there be an issue with their donation.
  • If the donor wishes to be anonymous either enter their name as anonymous or don’t enter a name at all.
  • DO NOT write down the credit card number or repeat it back to the person.
  • Be sure that the credit card goes through. You’ll see a confirmation page when it does. 
  • You’ll notice that once you hit submit and get to the confirmation page it will have a link to Enter Another Pledge. Go ahead and click that link to start over.  

“Your credit card statement will reflect ProjectHeat as the charge. ”  

“Thank you for your support! Goodbye.” 

Make checks payable to United Way of Southern Maine and mail to:  

Keep ME Warm
c/o United Way of Southern Maine  
550 Forest Avenue, Suite 100 
Portland, ME 04101  

NOTE: Record donors name and amount so that we can include it in the final tally in this form: Check Form

Those needing information about fuel assistance should call 2-1-1 Maine by dialing 2-1-1 or texting your zip code to 898-211. 2-1-1 Maine is a statewide health and human services information and referral service created by the United Ways of Maine, in partnership with The Opportunity Alliance and the State of Maine.





Please be set up and ready to go 15 mins prior to your volunteer time.  We will begin to switch out phone numbers (the public will never have your number) as the shifts change so it will be helpful if you are set and ready to go.  Lag time at the end of your shift may be up to 15 mins as we switch out the phone numbers.  Have your chargers for laptop and cell phones ready to go. 
Social media hashtag is #ProjectHEAT so take a picture of yourself on the phone during your shift (and before!!) and post with this hashtag asking friends and viewers to call (post the number to call...we will send that number out on Thursday and it will be at the bottom of the screen all day.) 
  • Write down their name and number to reach them at. 
  • Tell them someone will call them back. 
  • Email us with the callers name, number and question and we can call them back for you.
There will be a Power Hour (during the live news cast). That means if you donate during this hour, all donations will be doubled (up to the value of the sponsorship).  From 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Dead River Company will be matching up to $20,000 of viewers donations. 
Project Heat is a statewide telethon, created in 2012 by United Ways in Maine and NEWS CENTER Maine with sponsorship from Dead River Company. All the money raised from Project Heat will go to support the Keep ME Warm fund.
Yes. Callers should consult with their tax professional for questions about individual deductions, etc. 
The Keep ME Warm fund was established in 2005 and is a statewide partnership of the 7 United Ways in Maine and the 10 Community Action Programs to supplement fuel assistance programs. Donations are distributed through a formula based on federal Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) percentages and population, and are used to assist individuals directly, or designated to local organizations that provide emergency fuel assistance, including faith-based programs and nonprofit agencies.
Your donations to Keep ME Warm will provide emergency heating assistance. Community Action Programs will use the funds to help households with fuel assistance that may not be eligible for limited federal, state or local fuel assistance programs. United Ways and 211 Maine will use the funds to support additional organizations and agencies that can help those in need of fuel assistance.
Those needing information about fuel assistance should call 211 Maine by dialing 2-1-1 or text your zip code to 898-211 (only digits needed). Callers can also visit www.211maine.org for information on heating assistance and weatherization services near them. 211 Maine is a statewide health and human services information and referral service created by the United Ways of Maine, in partnership with The Opportunity Alliance and the State of Maine.