Greg’s Story: MaineCare Expansion Changed His Life

Greg’s Story

MaineCare Expansion Changed His Life

Greg struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies from childhood, and as an adult struggled to maintain employment and stability.

Greg applied and was denied over 6 times for MaineCare and Disability MaineCare from 2013 to 2019. Relying solely on Free Care, Greg had 6 hospital stays related to his mental health and a mass in his brain that resulted in multiple physical impairments.  Greg was not able to access a psych evaluation to establish a diagnosis that would seek to get to the root of his mental health challenges, nor could he qualify for medication that he needed to stabilize his condition. 

In the Fall of 2018 Greg underwent surgery to remove the mass in his brain. Though the surgery was deemed critical, it was largely uncovered by Free Care,  leaving Greg with countless expenses and much needed after-care. Moreover, his undiagnosed mental health condition continued to degrade his wellbeing and healing.

After legislative expansion of the program in early 2019, Greg was finally able to qualify for MaineCare. His critical brain surgery and post-operation services were retroactively covered.  Greg was able to obtain mental health services and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Greg was able to obtain the medications he needs to stabilize his condition and establish a treatment plan with a team of professionals nearby and in the Portland area.

Should Greg have not qualified for MaineCare, his 30-day medication supply would cost nearly $3,000 a month out of pocket. Without MaineCare coverage and proper maintenance of his condition, Greg would continue to be in and out of the hospital and his physical impairments would have continued to go unaddressed, all of which were resolved post-operation. Greg attributes his stabilization to the expansion of MaineCare.