Carolyn’s SNAP Story

Carolyn’s SNAP Story

A native Mainer and 58 year resident of Portland, Carolyn never considered that one day she would experience homelessness and be in need of support. Watch Carolyn’s story and hear how the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has played a part in her journey to health and stability.

Meredith’s Story

Whitley’s Story

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a vital, short-term lifeline that keeps food on the table for more than 163,000 Maine residents who are forced to make tough decisions between food, gas, and rent.

In September, United Way of Greater Portland asked for your voice and you answered the call. Dozens of advocates like you voiced their support for SNAP, sending personalized letters to the Federal Department of Agriculture. Thank you for helping to ensure that SNAP is there for Mainers—helping families buy food, freeing up resources to pay for other basic needs and infusing additional dollars into the local economy. You joined with nearly 15,000 others around the United States to make your voice heard about SNAP but the work continues.

Support the advocacy work of United Way of Greater Portland. Advocacy is an important component of our ability to create a more thriving Greater Portland, and is the living embodiment of being stronger together.