A Conversation with LeAnne Rolling, a Day of Caring Company Coordinator

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, we sat down with LeAnne Rolling to discuss her experience as a Day of Caring company coordinator.

How long has your company participated in Day of Caring?

I’m not sure how long the company has been involved, but I started helping to coordinate Day of Caring in 2000.

What is your role? How do you help make the event a successful experience for your company?

I am a liaison for TD Bank’s participation in Day of Caring. Along with communicating about the event, I gather approved forms, assign volunteers to projects, distribute t-shirts, and send confirmations and final communications of the day’s events and agenda.

What changes have you noticed over the years? How has Day of Caring grown or changed/ improved?

The entire process has streamlined, and the website United Way uses for volunteer registration is much more manageable now. Our participation level has also increased significantly over the years.

Can you talk a little about the impact of Day of Caring?

Nonprofit organizations benefit from all of the effort and labor that the volunteers provide to their specific assigned project.

How has it affected you, your company/colleagues/employees? Why does your company participate?

TD Bank encourages all employees to include volunteerism as part of their career development while employed at TD Bank. Many also use Day of Caring as a team building opportunity.

How does it affect agencies/the greater community?

It accomplishes a lot of beautification, organization, and good will in a short period of time. “Many hands make for light work.”