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Sharon Roberts

What is your role at UWSM? In 2002, I joined United Way as a Loaned Executive. I immediately realized that I had to be a part of this magical organization. Opportunity presented itself, and I gratefully accepted a position as the receptionist. Fast forward to today. Currently I am the Office Manager, reporting to the Senior Director of Finance and Operations. As the face of first impressions, it is my mission to provide excellent customer service to all visitors, volunteers, and staff members who pass through the doors of UWSM, or reaches out to us by phone.

What’s your favorite work moment so far? Collecting household items donated to UW through our Gift-In-Kind program, in my Mother’s Taurus station wagon, and delivering them to needy families and New Mainers settling into our community.

How do you take your coffee or tea? I enjoy sipping a yummy cup of Jamaican Me Crazy flavored coffee with cream, or a 32 oz. cup of Aroma Joe’s green tea with nothing in it.

What’s your favorite book? Any book that leaves a smile in my heart when I turn the final page.

What’s on your bucket list? 1.) Dine at the Lost Kitchen with my daughter, Jenny. 2.) Sample wine at a vineyard in Quebec with my dear friend Hernan. 3.) Dance with my darling Chomba at his wedding. 4.) Visit Italy and submerge myself in the richness of the culture by staying with a host family.