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Healthy Lives

GOAL Three: Help us all live longer, better.

We help more people by working to reduce preventable premature deaths. To accomplish Goal 3, we are focusing on mental health, substance use prevention and treatment, and suicide prevention.

Target: 4860 Years of Potential Life Lost per 100,000 people.
Baseline: 5400 Years of Potential Life Lost per 100,000 people.

20% of Cumberland County high school students have experienced three or more Adverse Childhood Experiences (abuse, neglect, and other traumatic experiences).


John, 35, came to a Southern Maine social service agency for a six-month program, after a third unsuccessful treatment experience. Due to his dependency on alcohol and opiates, John was estranged from his wife and children and had lost his job.

Having found the right program, he immersed himself in group counseling, 12-step community programming, and community service. He also returned to work. John now resides in supportive transitional housing, where he can check in with counselors and attend events with his children. He is about to celebrate a year of sobriety and now has regular visitation with his children.



Mary Jane Krebs (Co-Chair)
President, and Senior Vice President Intensive Services
Spring Harbor Hospital & Maine Behavioral Healthcare

Lisa Toner (Co-Chair)
Community Volunteer
Retired – Maine Public Radio

Greg Bowers
Day One

Oliver Bradeen
Executive Director
Milestone Recovery

Kristen Farnham
Vice President of Development
Spurwink Services

Bob Fowler
Director of Public Health
Portland Public Health Division

Rebecca Hoffmann Frances
Director of Clinical Innovation
Maine Behavioral Healthcare

Diane Geyer
Coordinator of Clinical Substance Use Services
University of Southern Maine, Recovery Oriented Campus Center

Jim Highland
Principal- Health Analytics Practice Area

Elizabeth Jackson
Chief Quality Officer
Greater Portland Health

Danielle Rideout
Recovery Liaison
Westbrook Police Department

Jonathan Sahrbeck
District Attorney
Cumberland County

Melissa Skahan
Vice President Mission Effectiveness
Northern Light Health Mercy Hospital

Brian Townsend
Executive Director

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