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Greater Portland Workforce Initiative


Funded in part by United Way of Southern Maine, Greater Portland Workforce Initiative (GPWI) is a grass-roots collective impact initiative of 21 stakeholders in the Greater Portland region that work together toward one goal, that all individuals are prepared for and connected to growing sectors of employment with strong career pathways and family-sustaining wages.

Stakeholders (representatives from federal, state, and local government, non-profit workforce and support organizations, community/economic development organizations, education and training providers, funders, and businesses) bring unique strengths and abilities necessary to the development of a seamless, efficient, and accessible “pipeline” to employment. Through this collaboration, GPWI is uniquely positioned to address critical needs from local employers, and training for individuals seeking employment.

Working collaboratively, GPWI breaks down traditional silos and develops streamlined processes for those in Greater Portland looking to achieve financial stability through meaningful employment, which often begins with access to education (professional certificates or credentials of value) and the supportive services needed to both access and be successful in these opportunities. Critical programs under this umbrella include the Bridge to CNA, ELL Childhood Development Associate Certification, and the Re-Entry Program.

A Thriving Community: GPWI is part of work central to the achievement of our vision for a thriving community by enhancing Goal 2, helping all neighbors thrive – not just survive. Learn more at thrive2027.org.