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Investment Information for Applicants

United Way of Southern Maine

Community Investment Fiscal Year 2023  
Application Information 

If you would like to contact a UWSM staff member for further support, please reach out via email to schedule an appointment. Individual staff contacts can be found here 

If you have specific technical questions (e.g., accessing the application through Blackbaud software), please contact Sarah Warren at swarren@uwsme.org. 


The application must be submitted through Blackbaud by February 18, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. Applicants will be notified of decisions at the end of May. The funding period is July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023. 

Currently Funded Cumberland County Programs

All programs currently funded in the Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) application process are invited to apply. If your program was offered two-year funding in FY22, you will complete the Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) application. 

NEW Cumberland County Applicants

All programs not funded through the Community Investment process in FY22 are considered new applicants and must meet the eligibility criteria below. New program applications must address one of the priority strategies of Thrive2027 that can be found in the Thrive2027 Framework document. 

York County Applicants

Only currently funded York County partners are eligible to reapply in Fiscal Year 2023. The application is available on CommunityForce. For any York County questions, please reach out to Jenna Ingram (jingram@uwsme.org). 

Choosing an Application

There is a specific application for each of the Thrive2027 goals, as well as an application for those programs implementing strategies from two different goals. Choose the application that corresponds to the goal/s that include your program strategies.  

Priority Strategies

The Thrive2027 Framework is considered a roadmap for achieving the three Thrive2027 community goals. Each goal has a Cabinet of community members who meet monthly to work together in order to achieve the goals (more information on the Thrive2027 website.) These Goal Cabinets have identified strategies that, if used, will increase our ability to reach our shared goals. They have further identified priority strategies that they believe are currently a critical focus for community implementation. With that in mind, this application process is open to reviewing new work in those priority areas.   

Eligibility Requirements for Cumberland County applicants: 

As a chapter of United Way, we serve Cumberland County minus Brunswick and Harpswell. Applicants must use any funding received to serve the community in these areas. Other eligibility criteria include:  

  • The lead organization must be a non-profit 501(c)(3), a public school, a municipal entity, an Indian Tribal government or can demonstrate a legal relationship with an established 501(c)(3) acting as your fiscal agent.  
  • The program must be doing work that demonstrates progress toward the Thrive2027 Goals using strategies in the Thrive2027 Framework.  
  • All partners named in the application must operate consistent with applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances, and comply with UWSM’s counter-terrorism compliance agreement as outlined in the application.  

Evaluation Criteria:  

  • Specific impact on Thrive2027 Goals 
  • Tracking and evaluation of program implementation 
  • Solid management and fiscal soundness 

As mentioned above, all UWSM Cumberland County Community Investment applicants are required to demonstrate a commitment to help impact the Thrive2027 Goals by identifying the specific contribution, effort, or action they will make, including:  

Data-driven program activities and evidence-based best practices or promising practices, that are based in research;   

  • Articulation of the way(s) in which collaboration is included in program creation, implementation and/or evaluation; and  
  • Measurable impact on Thrive2027 Goals Framework Strategies demonstrated through performance measures.  

In order to meet our Thrive2027 goals we must also address the impact of COVID-19 on our community and advance racial equity. The application includes questions about how the program addresses each of these areas. 

NOTE: This is not a complete list of questions posed or materials required in the application.  

Outcome Measurement and Tracking

On behalf of Thrive2027, UWSM seeks to gather information about the success of individual programs to make progress on the three goals, and to be able to measure our shared progress. To meet those objectives the Fiscal Year 2023 application asks applicants to pick an outcome measure to report on from a predetermined list established by the Thrive2027 Data and Evaluation committee. Applicants are not asked to create unique measurement statements for their program.  

The application requires the following information about your project outcomes and plans to measure success: 

  • How many people will be served (previously “how much”) 
  • How will you measure the outcomes choosing one to two of the shared measures offered (previously “difference made”) 

In the application, UWSM asks programs to estimate the number of people who will be served, the geographic distribution of those served and their race. In the final report we ask that you provide this information for those actually served.  

United Way of Southern Maine (UWSM) Diversity and Inclusion statement

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital to achieving our mission, living our values, and advancing the common good. United Way of Southern Maine fosters and promotes an inclusive environment that leverages the unique contributions of diverse individuals and organizations in all aspects of our work. We know that by bringing diverse individuals and viewpoints together we can more effectively create opportunities for a better life for all. For our full Diversity and Inclusion statement: https://uwsme.org/diversity-inclusion/ 

Reference Materials Needed to Complete the Application: 

  • Thrive2027 Goals Framework with Priority Strategies: A list of strategies by goal from which to choose for your application. New applicants MUST choose from the priority strategies in bold 
  • List of Shared Outcomes MeasuresA list of shared “difference made” measures by goal required in the application. For every Thrive2027 strategy you use, you must choose at least one of the corresponding outcomes measures on this list. 
  • Application (Word Version): A copy of the application in a Word document for you to use to draft your application before entering it in our grantmaking system. 

Links to Applications:

Goal 1 Application  

Goal 2 Application 

Goal 3 Application 

Cross-Goal Application 

^Please only click the link once because each time it is clicked, it creates a new application. To sign in to your saved application, do not click the original link, but instead retrieve your draft here: Application Portal